For me, the current excitement in my cooking is coming from exploring various new culinary doodads that I can create to start and finish a meal. As a way to present these dishes to the readers of à la carte, I’ve decided to start a blog that each week will feature a new dish from this phase in my life. There’ll also be a short essay to accompany the dish. All the dishes will fall into the category of amuse-bouches, intermèdes et mignardises. Please give the blog a visit, and if you think you may fine it interesting in the future, subscribe to it via RSS by clicking the icon at the top of the page. You can access the blog with the button to the left.

This website, à la carte, started in 1999. Since then, much has happened in the world of website coding. Many of the pages in this site no longer work or are buggy. Over the next few weeks, the enitre site will be recoded. Please pardon our dust!

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