Chickening In
Introduction: Things to do before breaking a whole chicken apart. [3:20]
PLAY Preparing for roasting: Before roasting a whole chicken, it is helpful to remove the wishbone and truss the bird with string. [4:01]
PLAY Butterfly a whole chicken: One alternative to roasting a chicken whole is to butterfly it first. [2:06]
PLAY Cutting a chicken into 8 pieces: The typical supermarket chicken is cut into 8 pieces. Learn how to do this with less waste. [10:19]
PLAY Cutting a chicken into 12 pieces: Turn an 8-piece cut-up into 12 pieces that can be divided more equally into 4 servings. [2:07]
PLAY Leg techniques: Learn essential leg techniques such as boning out the thigh and leg for various preparations. [5:38]
PLAY Wing techniques: Learn essential wing techniques such as boning one out and preparing “drumettes.” [3:37]
PLAY Breast techniques: Learn a whole slew of techniques centered around the breast. [8:04]
PLAY Without interruption: Conclude by breaking a chicken into 8 pieces without any disturbing interruptions from the narrator. [1:39]
Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for people to buy chickens all cut up rather than whole. The reason I generally hear is that “It is too difficult to cut-up a chicken.” Poppycock! It’s quite simple (if you know how). With a little practice, you can learn to do all the various chicken cuts, and maximize the quality of the results. It will be slow in the beginning, but once you learn the principles, speed will follow. (And you’ll have lots of bones for stock.)
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